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Cumbuco Excursion

Daytrip from Cumbuco to Guaramiranga in Ceara.

We had a very nice daytrip with our guests into the “Serra de Guaramiranga”. Although we were traveling trough beautiful landscapes the trip was long and next time we have to sleep one night in the mountains and to be fresh for enjoying at this very nice place.

The temperature falls down by a few degrees when you get to the town. Through the whole year the temperature shifts between 16°C and 24°C, and the altitude of this small town is 835 m. There you can see a great number of plants and a flora of few hundred of banana trees. In this beautiful town in Brazil nice restaurants and weekend houses are waiting for tourists.

In the center of Guaramiranga you can find a great pousada that used to be a monastery and you can spend the night there. We recommend it from our heart. This accommodation is new and in it you can sleep like the monks a few hundred years ago! It is not the old building you can see that in the pictures.


Known as the “City of Flowers” Guaramiranga offers visitors the charm of nature, the morning mist, birds chirp and the hospitality of its people. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature in its unique ecosystem of geographic and climatic conditions. The vegetation is so specific, it is an oasis in a region dominated by backwoods. Pico Alto is the second highest point of Ceará. It has a height of 1115 meters and a temperature between 12°C and 15°C. Located 13 km from the paved road from the city center, offers a broad vision of the hinterland of the sea behind the lake, ponds, farms and winding roads. You can look at the official site here.

Take a car and enjoy in the two beautiful days at the “Serra de Guaramiranga”! Beautiful nature, and a mixture of history and culture will leave you breathless.

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